The Color Run! (San Diego)

Well, I experienced my first Color Run (not to be confused with Color me Rad) last weekend and it definitely exceeded my expectations! I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly as I don’t typically participate in gimmick runs, but I thought I would give this one a shot as it’s a pretty hyped up event.  If I only had one word to describe this run, it would be: FUN! It pretty much combined two of my favorite things: running and celebrating.  Just imagine going for a run and then ending it with a big party!  I have run several 5k’s and this was by far the most laid back race with the most energy.  Now, if you are super competitive and like to see your race time published all over the internet, then this race might not be your cup of tea.  But if you are just looking to go for an easy run and experience something new, then this race is right up your alley.

The race is started in waves including a runner’s wave (for the more competitive folks) and a DJ keeps the energy flowing in each corral.  Then you are released and off to each color station where volunteers are more than thrilled to cover you in as much dyed cornstarch as possible.  This particular race included a “shine” station at the end, which was basically just silvery, shimmery cornstarch.  Once you cross the finish, you are given a medal, granola bar, water, and more color packets to keep the fun going.  Then you can head over to any or all of the backdrops for many excellent photo ops.  One of the most exciting parts of the race is the stage that is manned with a DJ and encourages dancing and more color bombing.  Heart-jumping, fist-pumping music is played loudly to provide a great club experience and it almost makes you forget that it’s only 9:30 in the morning.  I ran with my toddler and somehow she managed to sleep through the entire thing!

This is definitely a family-friendly event and I recommend running it with friends (which is what I did) as this is an event that you will not want to experience alone.  I also recommend bringing a towel and keeping your phone and any other precious belongings in a ziplock bag or other protective covering.  Now, with every pro there is a con.  One thing I did not like about this race was the location – Qualcomm Stadium.  It sounds cool because it’s where the Chargers and other college teams play, but running around a pot-hole filled parking lot isn’t exactly ideal.  Also, according to my Garmin, the race was only 2.6 miles which as a runner kind of irked me because it is not a true 5k…but, it’s a “fun” run so I’ll accept it.  I’m not sure if I will do any more gimmick runs as they are not as rewarding for a runner as chip-timed runs; however, I would probably do this run again!

color_run color_run_2 color_run_3 color_run_4 color_run_6

P.S. The color washed out of my clothes easily and came off the stroller with a quick rinse from the hose.

So, what about the SWAG?


  1. Color Run shirt – which was very comfortable and I plan to wear it again
  2. Foil tattoo
  3. Sweet colorful headband – (not pictured cause I didn’t want to take it off)
  4. Super awesome medal-for you bling-lovers
  5. Extra color and shine packet
  6. Post-it notes with a coupon
  7. Crystal light packet for water
  8. Kind bar
  9. Water balloons
  10. Various coupons and discount codes for future local races
  11. Reusable clear plastic bag – which could be used to protect your belongings during the race.

Run Happy, my friends! 😉



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