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Race Discount Codes

Checkout this page for awesome deals on races and race swag!  Since I am a BibRave Pro through BibRave, I am able to share some promo codes with you!  Keep checking back as new codes will be added throughout the year!

****HOT CHOCOLATE 15k****    Look for your city here!

***SWAG includes a swag bag, medal, jacket and lots of chocolate!!

***Use this code to receive a free Hot Chocolate Hat! More codes below!!!

Which race are you most excited about running?!


Comments on: "Race Discount Codes" (90)

  1. Do you have the swag code for Denver Hot Chocolate 15k in October 2017 yet?


  2. what about Chicago Hot Chocolate?

  3. Jodi Bigelow said:

    Is there a promo code for Seattle March 2018 HC run

  4. Michael PA said:

    Hi any codes for 2018 Hot Chocolate in Philly yet?

  5. Luann MN said:

    Minneapolis is BRHCMINN18. 4/14/18

  6. Tampa code please!

  7. Do you have a code for St Louis Dec 2017 Hot Chocolate yet?

  8. Jason Banister said:

    Do you have the code for hot chocolate san diego 2017?

  9. Muriel Tsosie said:

    Is there a discount code for Scottsdale, Arizona?

  10. Is there a code to get a jacket for the SF 2018 Hot Choc Race?

    • The Swag Mama said:

      Use code “BRHCSF18” for a bonus hat! The jacket is already part of the race swag. 😉

  11. Is there a code for Columbus Ohio?

  12. Stacey Barber said:

    Is there a code for Atlanta, GA 2018 race yet?

  13. Hi Jodi. Do you habe a code for Dallas 2018?

  14. Is there a code for San Francisco 2018?

  15. cgmendenhall said:

    I used your code to register for the Nashville Hot Chocolate. It says the code was applied but nowhere in the confirmation email does it mention the extra visor. Is that normal?

  16. ellen dyck said:

    Any code for Nashville 2018 yet??

  17. Geri Sadek said:

    Is there one for LA, Jan 28, 2018?

  18. Katie Coley said:

    Is there a coupon code yet for the Hot Chocolate in Charlotte, NC on 2/10/18?

  19. Any code for the new Houston Hot Chocolate Run in January 2018?


  20. Is there a discount code for the Houston 2018 Hot Chocolate Run?

  21. Amy Fetzner said:

    Dp ypu have a code for Tampa Dec 2017

  22. Becky Handshew said:

    Seattle 2018?

  23. How about Chicago 2017?? Pleeeease!

  24. Columbus, OH 2017? Please & thank you!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your swag codes!

  26. The code for Philly didn’t take anything off?

  27. Any code for scotrsdale

  28. Kimberly Berry said:

    Do you have a code for the Hot Chocolate 15k in St. Louis, MO 2017

  29. It’s a bit early… but any code for hot chocolate 2018 in Columbus OH?

  30. Taylor L Wright said:

    What does the BRHCDAL2018 for Dallas code get you?

  31. Any codes for Chicago race 2018? Thanks !!

  32. Any race discount codes for the Hot Chocolate Race in Chicago ion Nov 4 2018?

  33. Is there a swag code for Jan 2019 SF Hot Choc Run yet?

  34. Code for Scottsdale 2018? I’d love one! 🙂

  35. Vena Whitehurst said:

    Is there a code for the San Francisco 2019 run?

  36. Alice Saunders said:

    Is there a discount code for the Hot Chocolate Run in Charlotte, NC on 2/9/2019?

  37. Crystal Davis said:

    Is there a code yet for Dallas Hot Chocolate 2/19?

  38. is there disocunt code or race code for St Louis 2018 yet? thanks

    • The Swag Mama said:

      You should be able to click on “find your city here” up above and the list should pop up. Let me know if it doesn’t work!

  39. Andrea Turner said:

    Hi. Codes for Dallas 2019 yet???

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