What to Expect at the Enoshima Island Spa

Heading to Tokyo for a visit soon? Then make some time for this amazing onsen right outside central Tokyo! The Enoshima Island Spa is located right on Enoshima Island (which happens to be one of my fave spots) and offers sweet views of the beach and Mount Fuji on a clear day.  I had the opportunity to visit this onsen with a group of friends so here’s what to expect at this luxury hot spring!


  • Prepare to spend several hours here! An all day pass will cost you around $30 (totally worth it) so you will want to make sure you have enough time to relax and enjoy the day.  Your entrance will get you access to the lockers (one for your shoes and one for your personal belongings); access to all of the hot springs; use of the bathrooms/showers/toiletries/dryers/etc; and of course there’s SWAG! Once you arrive you get a nice robe, towel, and tote bag to use for the whole day! Sweet!


  • Swimsuit or Naked? Once you’re in and get settled, you can decide whether you want to go to the naked side or the swimsuit side.  The naked side is a small (more private) area, but the swimsuit side has all of the beautiful views! And yes the swimsuit side is co-ed 😉 There are a couple of levels so make sure you take time to explore!

First, we went to the cave area!


The Caves – super tranquil, peaceful, and overall very relaxing.  You can also head inside to a bigger pool that offers light/music shows and water aerobics. And don’t miss the unique sauna experience where you will be submerged in various aromatherapy scents, fanned with a towel, and equipped with ice cubes!

Then, we headed outside!

Outside Views – The outside onsens offer the best views of the water and Mount Fuji. Unfortunately, it was a gloomy day so we couldn’t see much – but the chilly air made us appreciate the warm water even more.

Finally, it was lunch time!

  • Time to Eat! – Come hungry so you can experience the Island Grill Restaurant on the top floor.  The best part?  You can eat in your robes!  That’s right – no need to change, just head up in your robe and enjoy your meal.  The lunch menu is pretty simple, with mostly salads and seafood options OR you can order the buffet for a flat price.  And don’t worry about lugging your wallet around.  Everything is charged to your bracelet key , so you just pay for everything when you leave the spa for the day! I’ll also mention that you can eat at the restaurant without paying to use the onsen. And guess what? More views! 🙂

A few tips:

  • Drive or Train? – You could drive or take the train to Enoshima, but there is a paid parking lot close to the spa and driving to Enoshima is fairly easy (depending on your location).  Just beware of the parking prices, some of the lots can be super expensive!
  • It’s a maze – Once inside, things get a little tricky since it’s a bit of a maze in there.  There are different elevators that go to different places and you have to walk through some areas to get to another.  So you might get a little disoriented – but if you’re gonna be lost, it might as well be at a luxury spa! 🙂
  • Slippery when wet – Watch yourself and walk slowly. It’s a bit slippery when you’re walking around and transferring to and from the different areas.
  • What to bring? – You really only need to bring a change of clothes and a swimsuit as well as any toiletries that you absolutely prefer.  Everything else, including shampoo, soap, and lotion is provided for you.  There are even little vanity areas where you can sit and dry your hair & do your makeup!
  • Kids or no kids? – Elementary kids are welcomed except on Sundays.
  • Tattoos? – Tattoos are not allowed (although if they are small you could cover them up.)

And my last tip?! 

Bring a friend (or two or three) – you’ll want to share in this relaxing experience with someone else!  🙂


Have you been to an onsen in Japan before?  What did you think?!



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