Oktoberfest 5k/2 Mile Walk

Yesterday I participated in the Okterberfest 5k/2mile walk that was held on Naval Air Base-Coronado.  It was a small, free race offered to all military patrons and their dependents.  It also offered not only spectacular views, but an opportunity to run with some of my running friends.  It was a fun run (non chip-timed) that included the option to turn around at the 1 mile point rather than 1.5 mile mark. Parking was less than stellar…I had to park about a half mile out, but hey, it’s a good warmup right?  There were a few vendors present including a military housing association, DeVry University, and a few chiropractic care organizations.  There was also a DJ that kept the energy flowing by playing “The Cupid Shuffle” and holding stein-holding contests. The course was pretty flat and there was a water station, but there was no shade anywhere which made this run a pretty warm one.  The run ended with more music, lots of water, chips, and of course in true Oktoberfest fashion, bratwurst.  I also had the opportunity to speak with a representative from Pain Care San Diego who informed that they give great military discounts for their chiropractic and massage treatments.  I will definitely be checking them out!  Overall, a well organized fun and free run (no beer) that I found through Navy Life Southwest.  I enjoyed it and I will most likely participate in this run next year!

Fun Fact: The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810!

5k 5k2 5k3 5k4

So what was the SWAG?!


A t-shirt

Yeah I know, a little anticlimactic…but it was a free run! And a beautiful day with an awesome view so I am also counting that as swag. My daughter also won a mini rubber ducky from a wheel spin, so I’m going to call that baby swag.  Aaaannd I found a chiropractor with a sweet discount, so I’m counting that too.  And it was a pretty decent bratwurst. 😉

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts:

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🙂 ~SM


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