Oma’s Pumpkin Patch

I really thought SoCal only consisted of beaches, mountains, and deserts.  That was until I discovered Oma’s Pumpkin Patch!  It’s an awesome little dairy farm located a little north of San Diego, in Lakeside.  I really forgot where I was for a moment as I was driving to this farm along dirt roads and passing by properties with “No Trespassing” signs posted in the yards.  It’s located off a two-lane highway with minimal stop lights and stop signs, which makes the entrance easy to miss.  Once we parked, we were greeted by cows and then we were off on our pumpkin adventure!

omas5 omas6

This place was sweetly equipped with lots of play and activity areas, shaded tot playgrounds, nursing nooks, a petting zoo and a snack bar.  The entire day could easily be spent here since it has entertainment for all ages.  Also a lot of cool places for cute and festive photo ops (my kids had no desire to pose for cute pics, meh…guess they had better things to do).

omas8 omas7

I met up with a group from church which made this experience even better because the kids could mingle with their tiny friends…and let’s face it…I was able to have an adult conversation.  But even better, we got a discounted group rate and a designated shaded picnic area for lunch.


Then we all gathered for a tour of the farm on a pretty rad hay ride.

omas16 omas4 omas3

And yeah, my MomCo swag made a cameo on the hay ride. 😉

Then we went and picked out our pumpkins (included with admission) and thus began my hour long mission to convince my toddler it was time to leave.

Overall, pretty dope place.  The kids had a good time and I would like to go back…maybe when it’s less hot cause I was melting in the middle of autumn.  Also, lots of bees so if you plan to go and have allergies, make sure to pack the Epipen.

omas10  Even though it was hot, it was still a gorgeous day!

So…what was the SWAG?  Well a pumpkin of course!

omas9 I guess my daughter felt bad for this pumpkin because there were hundreds to choose from and it took her 30 minutes to pick this little guy.

We also received a bottle of water, but it’s not pictured because…did I mention it was hot?

Be sure to checkout Oma’s on Facebook and on their website.



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