MomCo Playdate (AJ’s Kids Crane – Energy 103.7)

Today, Energy 103.7 held their annual AJ’s Kid Crane event in the Ikea parking lot. It’s an event that raises money and collects toys that go to Rady’s Children’s Hospital. The event itself didn’t have a huge turnout and there wasn’t much energy (which is weird since the radio station that hosts it is called “Energy” 103.7). But I found out about it through the MomCo app so luckily there were some other MomCo moms there and it turned out to be a fun time.
There was a guy doing psychic readings, but I had no interest to learn about my fabricated future. Elsa and Anna from “Frozen” were also there taking pictures and playing hide-and-seek with the kids. And since there weren’t many people in attendance, we didn’t have to wait in an insanely long line to meet them. There was also a Tumble Gym Bus which my daughter played in for the whole two hours and made the whole event worth my time. The event was free, but they encouraged toy donations from every attendee. MomCo was also giving out some sweet swag for a donated toy. Overall, it was a fun day that wore my kids out, but if MomCo and the Tumble Gym Bus weren’t there, we probably would have bailed.






And if you haven’t already downloaded the MomCo app, you are missing out! Download it today and use my code “AmandaS” MomCo

So, was there swag? Well this event was more about giving swag – toys for the kiddos. Which we did, and I enjoy giving swag more than receiving it! MomCo was giving out awesome swag as always, but I already had received those items at the last event. Soup Plantation also catered the event, so free salad and potatoes were a nice bonus!

I also scored this rad pin. 😉



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