Generation Good

I am so excited about recently joining Generation Good from Seventh Generation!  If you’re not familiar with Generation Good, it’s basically an online community where you can share tips, take surveys, get coupons, receive free (yes, free!) samples through the mail.  I love using and discovering new products that are healthy for both my family and the environment and I can’t wait to get more involved with Seventh Generation!


Note: I was sent free samples from Seventh Generation in exchange for a review of their product.  I did not receive any other compensation.

For this particular campaign, I was sent samples of Laundry Detergent.  Two to try for myself and one to give to a friend.  Also, all new Generation Good-ers receive a $2.00 coupon.


Before I tell you my thoughts on the Seventh Generation detergent, here’s a little history of my laundry detergent usage:        Grab some popcorn.

I normally use ALL – Free & Clear because for a while I was having unexplained headaches until I finally read that they could be caused by the fragrances used in regular laundry detergents.  So I did a little a switcheroo and abracadabra, the headaches stopped.  This could have been a coincidence, but the superstitious part of me never went back to those fragrant-filled detergents.  Fast-forward a few years and now it’s actually a thing that all of those extra fragrances in your detergent might not be that good for you.  Also, my son has sensitive skin so I kept on truckin’ with the ALL as well as Dreft on occasion (those Dreft people really make a killing).   Cool story, huh?

So that brings us to present day.  With my samples, I did two loads: one load of grown-up clothes and one load of the kids’ clothes.  I will say, that compared to the ALL detergent, the clothes came out smelling a bit fresher – in a natural way.  And they also came out softer.  It also took care of the stains from my kids dirt-filled clothes and my son’s skin stayed smooth with no reactions.  So overall, I would give this detergent 4 out of 5 stars.  Why not 5 stars?  Well…Plot-Twist!  The detergent is actually about double the price of the ALL-Free & Clear.  The ALL runs about $10.50-$11.50 per 108 loads (Target pricing as of January 2016).  7th Gen runs about $19.99 per 98 loads Target pricing as of January 2016).  So with my groovy new coupon I will probably grab a bottle when it’s on sale.  I do prefer the 7th Gen over the ALL, so maybe if I win the next Powerball I will make the official switch.  Until then, I will continue to use my other Seventh Generation products and try out new ones through the awesome Generation Good campaign!  Stay tuned for the sequel!





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